Solar Water Heaters





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View of installed solar panels from sidewalk 

View of installed solar panels from sidewalk 

View of installed solar panels,    close-up

View of solar system installed in garage 

Benefits of Adding Solar Hot Water

  To Your Home:

     •  A Sungrabber Solar Water Heater can produce

       more than 50% of the hot water requirements

       for a typical residential home

    •  A Sungrabber system helps protect you from rising

       energy costs with free renewable energy from the

       sun and is environmentally friendly

    •  Sungrabber systems are designed to work in

       conjunction with your current electric or natural gas

       water heater to reduce your water heating bill

    •  The installed panels sit 1/4" above asphalt shingles

       on your roof, or 1 1/2" above the tiles on your tile


    •  The Sungrabber System can be installed in just one

       day, and is backed by a 10 year worry-free warranty 

    •  Sungrabber is manufactured in the United States by

       FAFCO, the leading manufacturer of polymer-based

       solar panels

    •  After rebates and renewable incentives you can

        have a Sungrabber system installed for

        less than $800.00

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Start harvesting the sun's energy and save money!

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